Another Month Flown Past! Christmas-Themed Sewing Classes

Another Month Flown Past!

Christmas-Themed Sewing Classes

Yikes it’s almost December. November has flown past! It’s been a busy month at Artisan Stitch, what with the Christmas-themed sewing classes running and the end of another term for the Dressmakers.  Dana, a dressmaking novice, completed her first ever skirt and it’s absolutely lovely.  She even attempted a concealed zip and totally nailed it!  Ann is using the class to learn patterncutting and has made her own trouser pattern, and Julie is making a ballgown in red silk.
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Felting workshop. Brightly-coloured scarves in soft merino fibres

Felting Friday

Friday was felting workshop day.  Wet-felting is a traditional skill which creates a strong but soft fabric from loose wool fibres.  Felt is an ancient fabric; the process dates back thousands of years.  It is incredibly hard-wearing and has been used for all manner of items from clothing and footwear to housing! Read more

sewing classes for children. Two young girls learning to sew beside their Mums

Start ’em Young. Sewing Classes for Children.

Sewing classes for children are an important part of my class programme.  I learned to use a sewing machine at age 7. So I’m committed to the belief that children should all learn to sew when they’re very young (girls and boys!)

This week at Artisan Stitch, I held one of my  sewing classes for children, or rather for children and their parents ( to qualify you had to be under 16 and bring your Mum).  Attending were Sophie, aged 9, and Libby aged 12, with their Mums Jen & Jackie.  Both girls threw themselves into the lesson with enthusiasm and completed their sewing practice sheets, then both passed their Sewing Machine Driving Tests with distinction.
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Autumn-Winter sewing classes

My schedule of Autumn-Winter sewing classes is here, covering October and November. These include some more of my popular ‘Essential Skills’ classes, now re-named ‘Beginners’ Sewing Skills’. This covers basic sewing tasks like sewing straight seams and how to finish off the raw edges, taking up hems, making neat machined buttonholes, and inserting zips.

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What Sewing Machine should I buy?

Buying a Sewing Machine

Buying a sewing machine is exciting but can be very confusing.   If you’ve had a look already, then you’re probably baffled by the huge range of makes and models out there.  Why are some less than £100 and others cost several thousands. Don’t thy all do the same thing? So you’ll be asking yourself ‘What Sewing Machine should I buy?’
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sewing machine presser feet are diesigned to make each sewing task easier

Best Foot Forward – A Guide to Sewing Machine Presser Feet & Accessories

A Guide to sewing machine presser feet and accessories


Sewing machine presser feet are specialised for every sewing task and are designed to make your sewing easier.  If you don’t use the best foot for the job, then you’re making your life more difficult that it needs to be. When you got your new sewing machine home, did you eagerly unpack it and start sewing, wondering what the bag full of strange little metal and plastic thingies were for? Well these are your sewing machine presser feet. And have you got them out and used any of them since? Or have you struggled on, wondering why the fabric was pulling and puckering?

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