Interfacing Types and Uses

Interfacing Types and Uses

Interfacing is another fabric layer that is applied to areas of a garment to shape, strengthen and support the main fabric.  It is used on waistbands, collars, cuffs, and shirts plackets. It is normally applied to the facing rather than to the main garment piece.
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Childrens’ Summer School – Sewing Classes for Children

Sewing Classes for Children

My childrens sewing course is an ideal school holiday activity. Does your child want to learn to sew? Are you looking for some creative classes for the school holidays? Then here is your answer!  During my week-long summer schools, I hold a series of children’s sewing classes. Firstly I’ll cover how to use sewing machines safely. Then we’ll make some decorative bunting, tote bags and other fun craft projects for children.
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Sewing Classes & Workshops – July 2016

Here’s a rundown of the sewing classes and workshops happening at Artisan Stitch throughout July.  So if you’re on holiday in East Lothian and looking for something different and fun to do, why not try a new hobby like Feltmaking, or make a gorgeous wrap skirt?  Easy to make and even easier to wear!
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Another Month Flown Past! Christmas-Themed Sewing Classes

Another Month Flown Past!

Christmas-Themed Sewing Classes

Yikes it’s almost December. November has flown past! It’s been a busy month at Artisan Stitch, what with the Christmas-themed sewing classes running and the end of another term for the Dressmakers.  Dana, a dressmaking novice, completed her first ever skirt and it’s absolutely lovely.  She even attempted a concealed zip and totally nailed it!  Ann is using the class to learn patterncutting and has made her own trouser pattern, and Julie is making a ballgown in red silk.
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Felting workshop. Brightly-coloured scarves in soft merino fibres

Felting Friday

Friday was felting workshop day.  Wet-felting is a traditional skill which creates a strong but soft fabric from loose wool fibres.  Felt is an ancient fabric; the process dates back thousands of years.  It is incredibly hard-wearing and has been used for all manner of items from clothing and footwear to housing! Read more