Get to the Point! How to choose the correct sewing machine needles.

Using the correct sewing machine needles is important to achieve a successful outcome to your sewing project. Sewing Machine needles come in an assortment of types and sizes. The wrong needle can cause issues such broken needles or threads, uneven or skipped stitches, and snags or holes in the fabric. You should choose your needle firstly according to the fabric construction, then the fabric
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Get to know your Sewing Machine

I had a client this week who was having trouble altering her T-shirts. She was quite short in the body and needed to take up most of her tops or they were more like mini-dresses. She’d bought a new sewing machine last year, and came to me for help convinced that the tension was wrong. The top she had recently altered had several breaks in the sewing of the hem and there were lots of skipped stitches.
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Are you practising Safe Sewing?

If you’ve been using a sewing machine for a while and are completely comfortable with them, it’s easy to be blasé but remember they are electrical devices and are potentially dangerous. You could also cause damage to your machine by incorrect use.

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Are You Sitting Comfortably?

I see many students who come to me because they’re having difficulties using a sewing machine and quite often the issues are very easily resolved. Sometimes the problems start the moment they sit at the machine so here’s a few quick tips to make sure your sewing session is successful, and isn’t damaging your health. Read more

Free Motion Machine Embroidery class

A Free-Motion Embroidery Masterclass took place today. We covered how to use a sewing machine to create a series of marks and textures, just as you would with a pencil. Each student made their own ‘Sampler’ for reference.  Read more

Open Studio event on Saturday

Thanks to all those who came along to the Open Studio event on Saturday.

It was a very popular day and lots of new faces visited Cockenzie House and Gardens to see everything that goes on within.  We have artists, furniture upcyclers, glass and jewellery, textile artists, health practitioners and musicians all opening their doors and demonstrating their various skills. Read more