Know Your Overlocker aims to teach you how to use an overlocker to enhance your sewing projects.

Know Your Overlocker. Revolutionise your sewing and get quicker, neater results on jersey knit fabric


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When can I book?

01/05/2020 10:00 am - 4:00 pm costing:£60.00

Course description

Who is this aimed at?

Know your overlocker - Overlockers are amazing machines that can stitch, trim and neaten seams all in one operation. Yet so few owners fully understand them or use them to their full potential. Most people who have overlockers only use them for neatening edges but they can do so much more. This workshop teaches you to get to know your overlocker.

 Other functions include sewing in elastic and lace trims, creating decorative seams on sports and casualwear, rolled hems on evening wear, and making home furnishings. Not to mention being able to sew up jersey fabrics quicker and more neatly than your normal domestic sewing machine.

But overlockers are more complicated than normal sewing machines. They require a good understanding of how changing the tensions creates different stitch types. So I'll teach you to understand how the tension settings affect the stitch type and quality, how to recognise and obtain correct tension. We'll also look at different stitch functions and their applications. So you really do get to know your overlocker and discover just how versatile they are.

What will I learn?

  • Know what all the parts do
  • How to thread it and obtain the correct tension
  • Sewing knitted fabrics
  • Basic edging and seaming operations using 2, 3 & 4 threads
  • Flatlock and blind hemming
  • How to add decoration to your clothes
  • The afternoon session will give you time to review and practise the techniques covered in the morning.

Course arrangements

You must be able to bring your own 4-thread overlocker to this class. Also, please bring samples of a variety of fabrics such as heavyweight (denim or furnishing fabric, jersey knit such as an old T-shirt, and silky polyester, organza or fine crepe such as an old scarf or evening blouse.

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