Get to Grips with Zips

One of the most tricky things to do in sewing is putting in zips – but once you get to grips with zips, they’re not that bad. As my Tuesday evening regulars agreed last night, whatever you want to make – a skirt, trousers or dress, you need to put in a zip.  Here they are getting to grips with zips.  Everyone agreed that they’re not so difficult after all once you know how!
Get to grips with zips - How to sew in zips - a pile of brightly-coloured zips
How to insert a zip – zips aren’t so scary when you know how to sew in a zip

My 4-part ‘Essential Skills’ sewing course for beginners was put together with that in mind.  In this course, which can be taken as a 2 hour class for 4 weeks, or as two sessions of 4 hours, I’ve tackled the issues that beginners have told me they find most difficult. The first part is knowing how to thread up a sewing machine, wind a bobbin, get the correct tension and being able to sew straight and curved seams, and turn corners.

Next in part 2, come the seams themselves.  How to sew different types and know which type is best for the fabric and project, and how to neaten the edges. Part 3 covers making buttonholes by machine, and sewing on buttons using the machine too!  And let’s not forget those zips!  The final part lets you put all of that into practice and complete your project.  I have a few different options to choose from: a zipped pouch/make-up bag, apron, simple envelope cushion, or the most popular, the foldable tote shopper in its own little pouch.

The course is highly recommended if you’re new to sewing but also appeals to those who perhaps haven’t sewn for many years, and feel they need a bit of a refresher. As an incentive to keep sewing, I also offer a 15% discount if you book another of my sewing classes within 30 days of completing the ‘Essential Skills’ class, or its little brother ‘Sewing Machine Confidence’.  This is a 3 hour version of Essential Skills part 1. Many of my clients who come to these classes are returning to sewing after many years, or who have recently bought a new machine and are getting to know what it can do.  I’m also happy to offer assistance and advice for anyone having a problem with any aspect of sewing and I offer tailored sessions on a one-to-one basis. Just call my Sewing Clinic on 0773 939 7369.


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