If you're having a specific issue, then why not come along for a one to one consultation?

one-to-one tutorial. individual sewing tuition is available

These are some of the subjects I can help with:

  • Learn to use a sewing machine
  • Get to grips with a new sewing machine (particularly if it's a computerised one)
  • Fix a dressmaking problem, for example you're having trouble getting a collar to fit
  • Find out how to do zips
  • Understand how to thread or use your overlocker
  • How to use your embellisher
  • Learn pattern cutting
  • Start free-motion embroidery

Sometimes it only takes an hour to sort out what you thought was a major problem.

Or perhaps its causing you a lot of stress and need someone to help to ease your mind.

It takes far less time to cover the topic in an individual appointment than it does in a group class. Fill in the form below and we can set something up.

Request a one to one

How does it work? 

Let me know what you'd like to learn and your details in the form.

I'll give you an estimate of how long I think that'll take.  You can then decide on a time or budget limit, if necessary.  We can always arrange a follow-up appointment if required.

Once we've agreed an appointment, I'll send you an invoice. Please pay the invoice to confirm the appointment.

On the day, if we don't cover everything and you want to stay on if I've time available, further time can be paid in cash on the day.

Rates:   Minimum 1 hour £30. You can book time in multiples of half-an-hour thereafter. (i.e. 90 mins, 2 hours)