Repair Your Clothes


Tuesday 04/06/2024 - Tuesday 25/06/2024, 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm


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Repair Your Clothes.

If you would like to learn to repair your clothes instead of throwing them away, then this 4-week course will teach you many hand-mending techniques you can use. Reduce waste, save money and live a more sustainable life by repairing, or re-purposing your existing clothes, or charity shop finds.

Duration: 10 hours (Tuesday afternoons 1.30-4pm)

Why you should repair your clothes

Fast Fashion is choking the planet.  Worldwide, 92 million tonnes of clothing ends up in landfill every year; that’s one dump truck EVERY SECOND!  So help restore the ‘Make do & Mend’ philosophy and learn how to fix up your clothes instead of buying new. It saves money and reduces waste; you know it makes sense.

Class Description

Repair Your Clothes will cover how to:

  • sew on lost buttons
  • take up hems
  • mend split seams
  • darn holes in sweaters – visible mending is a big trend 
  • repair holes in jersey knit tops or dresses
  • patch rips in clothing – both visible and invisible
  • carry out simple alterations (taking in clothes that are too big)
  • what you should have in a basic mending kit.

How do I repair my clothes?

The list above are all common repairs that may be required to extend the life of your clothes.   You will make samples of these techniques, and will have notes to take away so you will be able to use these as a reference for your future mending.  In many cases, I’ll show you various invisible and decorative methods of making the same repair. These methods will focus primarily on hand sewing for those that don’t use or don’t have a sewing machine. If you can already use a sewing machine, then you can carry out these repairs by machine and I’ll demonstrate that too.

What will I need:

You’ll need a notebook, and a basic sewing kit (Fabric shears, small trimming scissors, pins, chalk marking pencil).

Please bring any damaged clothing that you’d like to repair and I’ll show how.

Booking Terms

Please check here before booking as once purchased, tickets are non-refundable. Artisan Stitch operates a ‘Covid-sense’ policy in accordance with the Scottish Government’s guidance for businesses and workplaces. Protection measures including wearing of face-masks are in place to safeguard the health and well-being of staff and attendees.  If you have any questions or concerns, then please contact me for clarification BEFORE you book

Please consider one of my Beginners Sewing courses if you are interested in learning to use a sewing machine, or improving your existing machine skills.

Artisan Stitch holds a Certificate of Excellence is rated ‘Best sewing classes in Edinburgh’.  A UK Enterprise award followed for Best Sewing Classes 2020 and Best Private Sewing Education and Tuition in 2021. Further awards have followed every year since including two Scotland Prestige awards for Best Creative Workshops and Best Craft Tuition Provider 2023/24.

Queen Margaret University recommends Artisan Stitch for sewing tuition. We are  the only course provider in Edinburgh and one of only two in Scotland who is recommended by them.

Level 2: Beginners – Improvers. You don’t currently sew or can sew a little.  



Tuesday 04/06/2024 - Tuesday 25/06/2024    
1:30 pm - 4:00 pm


Artisan Stitch ( St Margaret's House)
Studio 6.03A St Margaret's House, 151 London Road, Edinburgh, EH7 6AE
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