Haberdashery – what a wonderful world

Haberdashery means all the tools, equipment and other bits you need to complete your sewing project besides fabric and a sewing machine. Choosing the right haberdashery is every bit as important as fabric to the successful outcome of your sewing project. So I’m delighted to introduce a guest blogger who’s a specialist in this field.

Frederick from Fred’s Haberdashery has written this article for me to tell us about his vast stock of haberdashery products. There’s links to his blog for some fun crafting ideas too.

For a list of essential sewing equipment to buy when you’re starting to sew, and what you don’t need, then read my blog: Sewing Equipment – to have or have not? What sewing equipment do I need to buy?

We are one of the last traditional haberdashery shops still standing and have been trading since 1972. We supply to creative individuals, dance and theatre groups, professional dressmakers and businesses. Therefore, we know what we are talking about!

We stocking countless products needed or wanted when doing pattern cutting, dressmaking, embroidery, upholstery, crafts and more. So let me go a little bit more in depth about our products.

It’s a snip.

Everyone needs a good, sharp pair of scissors. These create the base of your work so they need to be clean. Tailor’s shears, available in 7” and 9”, are the staple product for any sewer. Short, sharp tipped scissors are needed for around the sewing machine, embroidery and snipping the intricate parts of a design. Then pinking shears add a decorative edge or just stop the fabric from fraying, commonly used in bunting.

Needles – a prickly subject

Now let us talk about the wonderful world of needles. Not many people realise how many needles there actually are, and using the right one makes a real difference. When machining there are 70/9 or 80/11 for VERY light weight materials, for instance chiffons and voile. Size 90/14 is the most common, for medium weight materials like cotton and linen. Then 100/16 are for upholstery and heavy materials. And it does not stop there! If using jersey knit material, use a ballpoint needle. Then denim and leather get their own needles due to the strength of the material. When hand sewing, the size of the needle determines the weight. So embroidery needles are short and thin whereas upholstery needles are thick and chunky.

But this is just a small snippet of the vast range of stock we sell. Our Chesterfield based shop stocks everything from threads (polyester, cotton, linen, stranded, invisible), zips (open ended, closed, concealed, jeans, metal), lace (polyester, cluny, French, broderie anglais) , ribbon (grosgrain, chiffon, satin, velvet) , interfacing (iron, sew, light, medium, heavy, extra heavy) buttons and lots more.

So why not have a look at our growing website at , Instagram page @fredshaberdashery and Facebook page Freds Haberdashery.

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