A plee to all my Facebook page fans…

Hi Everyone.

Firstly, a heartfelt thank you for ‘liking’ my Facebook page ‘’ and helping me through the first year of business. I’m assuming because you’ve liked my page that you’re interested in sewing and/or creative textiles and wish to be kept informed about Artisan Stitch classes, or anything else that I ramble on about?

However, I’ve been confused when many of you say that you’ve ‘liked’ the page but don’t see any of my posts? Well, the reason for this is that Facebook only send posts to around 7% of a page’s fans at any one time! Curses! But Facebook monitors your interaction with posts you receive and if you react in some way, then Facebook knows you’re interested in that subject and will send more of that page’s posts to you.

Therefore if you want to keep tabs on what’s happening at Artisan Stitch, receive news of events that I’m taking part in, or read my useful hints and tips, then please would you do me a HUGE favour? Please ‘LIKE’ and ‘SHARE’, or ‘COMMENT’ on my posts regularly (preferably all 3), and that’ll keep you in the loop as well as giving your friends the opportunity to learn about my activities. Also, please tag a friend if you think she -or he – may be interested in anything you see.

Generally, if you have a sewing-related question or have any news to share about fabric sales, new products, reviews of exhibitions, recommendations, suggestions for new classes etc, then please pass on the news and I’ll share it! I have a ‘visitor post’ section on the page for you to use as you please. I especially like to see photos of things you’ve made after attending one of my classes.

Finally, as I often share my posts across local groups such as ‘What to do in EH32’ or ‘What’s on in East-Lothian’, I’m really sorry if you receive the posts several times! I don’t mean to pester you.

Thank you again.  Your support is greatly appreciated.